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“For information regarding general law and responsible ownership and management of dogs and cats, check out the downloads section for a copy of the current Dog and Cat Management Act 1995. .
For all kinds of information for school projects, also visit the Petcare Advisory and Information Service Australia website, www.petnet.com.au
You can also find out about services offered by the Animal Welfare League in South Australia, such as Boarding, Grooming and Education services.
Look in our Dog Attacks section (there is a warning page) to see the results of vicous dog attacks on children. We have provided this information to help the general public become more aware about the necessity of training and to try to understand the importance of child supervision around dogs.
Our Downloads section contains some of the information provided on this site in word format, as well as a free cat photo library provided generously by Jil Marston in South Australia.

About the Dog and Cat Management Board

The Dog and Cat Management Board is a body corporate that operates throughout South Australia. The Board consists of seven prominent members of Local Government and the community all of whom have a common interest in responsible dog and cat management. The Board is committed to planning for, promoting and providing advice about the effective management and ownership of dogs and cats in South Australia.

The times when you may need to contact the Board should be fairly rare as most issues ought to be dealt with by your local Council. A main focus of the Board is education and many thousands of dollars are spent annually providing Councils with brochures and pamphlets which they in turn pass on to you.

The Board also works closely with the Minister for Environment and Conservation, the Hon. John Hill MP ) to ensure that the Legislation that governs dogs and cats is in tune with the needs of the South Australian community.

If you experience problems with dogs and/or cats in your community, you should contact your local Council. Councils have the resources and people who are committed to helping their communities.

The level of success that the Board and Local Councils can achieve is largely determined by the willingness of individual dog and cat owners to be responsible for their pets and to act responsibly with them. It is important to get the message across and education is the key. Having a pet is a rewarding experience but remember “Dogs and Cats need responsible owners”.

The Dog and Cat Management Act 1995

Important information for all dog owners

The Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 has been amended and new laws and regulations relating to responsible dog ownership will apply from the 1st July 2004.
Changes include:

  • All dogs must be on leads (no longer than 2 metres in length) in streets, roads and all public places (except parks unless otherwise specified by Council By-laws)
    Fines and maximum penalties for offences have been increased throughout the Act
    Councils and communities will be required to introduce Animal Management Plan’s within 3 years
    Mandatory reporting of certain dog attacks by Medical Practitioners to the Board if it is the opinion of the practitioner that due to the nature of the injury, it should be reported
    Two new registration concessions will apply – microchipping and dogs that have been trained to a level accredited by the Board
    Dogs in utes must now be restrained
    Another dog breed has been added to the list of prescribed breeds – Presa Canario
    New provisions relating to attack trained dogs, guard dogs and patrol dogs
    New powers for Councils regarding menacing dogs i.e. dogs that have the propensity to attack, and Prohibition Orders to prohibit some persons from owning dogs